Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Vagina fact

I think I’m getting there, the past couple of days I’ve been able to focus on writing. I’ve written up my profile for features, and managed to redo my non fiction book competition sheet, in the format required (in two columns) which was actually easy. I am writing a book on medical conditions of the vaginal area, which I decided to do, as I have a friend with lichen sclerosus, and despite it being quite common it’s not well known about. In my book women with such conditions, are going to be put forward the experts, and with a mixture of information and women’s stories I hope it will be an empowering useful book.
So last night, after doing a satisfying amount of work, I started to read Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues. I had gone to see the play a couple of years ago and it was brilliant. It’s eye opening, and thought provoking. So far she’s spoken to women who have gone through cultural genital mutilation, women who have been raped. There have been some less depressing stories as well; such as an over 60’s woman’s view of her vagina, and a young woman discovering where her clitoris is. Monologues are intermingled with facts, and I had tried to remember this one since I went to see the play. At the play we all chanted this at regular occasions throughout the evening:

Vagina Fact
“The clitoris is pure in purpose. It is the only organ in the body designed purely for pleasure. The clitoris is simply a bundle of nerves: 8,000 nerve fibres, to be precise. That’s a higher concentration of nerve fibres than is found anywhere else in the body, including the fingertips, lips, and tongue, and it is twice….twice….twice…the number in the penis. Who needs a handgun, when you’ve got a semiautomatic.”
From Woman, An intimate geography, by Natalie Angier

Definitely a reason for women to celebrate.


miss-cellany said...

I always knew there was a good reason to smile about being a woman :)

miss-cellany said...

Forgot to say, on a more serious note, that Vagina Monologues is amazing; probably one of the most poewful things I've ever read/seen.