Sunday, March 18, 2007

mothers day

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It’s Mothers day, and I was greeted this morning, with a cup of coffee, and a big wrapped up box. Megan had got me a foot spa, and Tamsin got me a book token. How mother’s days have changed. It’s getting more and more commercial, it used to be just about a card and giving your mum a lovely day. Don’t get me wrong, I love the pressies, and they made me feel special, but I also feel it’s a shame mother’s day has changed so much. It seems like its any excuse to get people to part with their money.

Thinking of my mum, I went out to find some flowers yesterday, and found the shop almost sold out, except for bunches costing £20. How can anyone justify spending £20 on flowers that are likely to be dead in a week? I was just thinking ‘Oh well I’ll go and get a card,’ when I had a brainwave, I decided to make a card.

I got back, and went over a few ideas in my head, and having settled on a card using some lovely wool I had, I got creative. I need to be creative occasionally, I don’t mean being creative with words, I mean being creative with textures and colours. I find it’s really therapeutic, and at the end you have something beautiful to look at. I was really pleased with the card, and I’m sure my Mum will appreciate it more than a bunch of flowers.

For all you Mother’s out there, have a lovely day.

P.S Megs has just talked me through putting photo's on my blog. I was wondering why my photos had dissapeared, and it was because she had used her photobucket account, and had deleted my photo's. So we set up my own photobucket account, and I'm all singing and dancing again. Check out my beady creations on my 'Good writing night' post in December 06.

P.P.S For a posting of some interesting quotes, check out my other blog Jax writers spot.


emapple said...

Just popped in to say hi as I'm just realising where everyone's blogs are.

Also wanted to say your blog is beautifully honest and moving.

Oh and Mother's day. Jack made me a cupcake at nursery that the staff tried to get him to give me. However I wasn't able to pry it from him and he wouldn't share it with me!!

Your card looks lovely. I sent my mum a text message, which seems shit, but we've never really done mother's day.

Rae said...

The Card is really beautiful. I so admire your creativity. It is pity you were feeling so Uck yesterday, hope you are better today.
The Film was lovely - amazing scenery, interesting story line ( and out on DVD end of next month.
I'll probably pop in Sat when getting Auntie Wendy's present.

Jen said...


Your card ROCKs. I made my ma a homemade card as well, she said she much prefers it to a bought one.

Great to read your blog, good stuff.