Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sometimes you don't have to wait till tomorrow to feel better

I have stayed on blogger since my last posting, as I decided to read around a few more friend’s blogs. They’ve all got links to other sites, and I had been too cowardly earlier to change my template, in order to add links. But thinking I needed to learn not to be so scared of technology, I took the plunge. It was easy, and it looks exactly the same, which I’m pleased with. I was worried they wouldn't have a template I liked. I then went to add links, and added 4 links, only one of which worked. I had been guessing the url based on the names of the blogs.

So I thought that’s ok, I can email and ask for the url’s, and carried on looking around. Then (light bulb moment), I realised the addresses were displayed on the toolbar. How stupid am I? So I did it, I added links to blogs, and when my website is live in a couple of weeks I can add that too. It’s all exciting stuff.

Only trouble is now I don’t feel like I can sleep, I’m too tired to try and focus on some work. I could read my book, which unusually, I’m taking a long time to get through. Or I could find something worth watching on the television. But I think I’m going to read some more blogs.

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