Friday, March 30, 2007

Muddling on

It’s been a busy week writing, but it seems like I haven’t got much done. I’ve almost finished four pages of an eight page spread of a ‘blad’ for my book. A blad is basically an eight page spread showing example pages from your book. It provides commissioning publishers etc with an idea of the finished product. The trouble is every time I read it, I edit it and change it more, and with the limited time I have left to finish it, I should really be concentrating on the other four pages.

I did go out on Wednesday night again to the Open mic, and have arranged to practice a of couple songs with my friend who accompanies me on guitar, and then hopefully get up and sing it. I was going to do it next week, and then I remembered I had the work experience, so I won’t be going. I had a go last year, but only got to do it once. The past couple of times I have been to the Open mic, it seems that not so many musicians are turning up, so they’re keen for me to sing.

I’ll be fine singing as long as ‘the woman’ is not in my view. She made her presence known more on Wednesday, but I still successfully managed to ignore her. She didn’t seem to be with anyone, and if she wasn’t flirting with someone, she was standing on her own. Not that I feel sorry for her. The way she is, is the reason women don’t want to talk to her much. You make your bed and you lie in it.

Anyway it’s bit of a short post today. I’m getting hungry and need to make some food. I’m still calorie counting and trying to lose weight, but despite eating mostly salads, my jeans are still tight. I am losing lb’s slowly, and I suppose the slower it comes off the easier it will be to maintain my desired weight. Ta Ta for now

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