Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tomorrow's another day

Well it’s certainly been a week of ups and downs. Some days I’ve felt almost positive, that I’m getting there, that things are achievable. And other days, I’ve been in trying to hold back the tears mode, with everything in my life seeming completely hopeless and unmanageable.

Tuesday, for example, I was fine. I joined in, in the features class, and got good feedback for my piece. Soon after getting home, I emailed my first pitch to write an article for a magazine. Yet it was a wobbly Wednesday, and today I’ve just about managed to muddle through.

I cheered myself up for a bit this afternoon, by checking up on my friend’s blogs, which are all really good. I read three accounts, of last Friday night, when a group of fellow students were roughly manhandled out of a night club, because one of them nodded off. Not because they were dancing on the tables, or involved in a fight, but because my friend put her head down on a sofa. I’ve seen the bruises on my friends arm.

I’ve now broken up for the Easter break, which isn’t a break due to the mountains of work to do. So I intend to check out the blogs more often, and keep in contact with everyone. Anyway, I’m feeling pretty brain dead now. Tomorrow’s another day, I’ll let you know where it takes me.

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