Friday, March 30, 2007

Reaching a milestone

It’s a big moment. I’ve now filled a A4 notebook with notes from interviews, 1st drafts of all sorts of writing, including blog postings, and song lyrics of songs I would like to sing at the open mic night. As I don’t play guitar, I have written down lyrics that I would like to sing acappela.

In my last posting I mentioned I am going to practice some songs with my friend Cyrus. I approached him initially, saying I had a song I wanted to sing which was the ‘Littlest birds’ by the Be good Tanya’s, and we decided on ‘There’s a guy works round the chip shop swears he Elvis’ by Kirstie MacColl as the other song we could do. We practised them for a few weeks but I only got to do them once.

Not playing any instruments to accompany myself I have relied on someone to accompany me, but Cyrus is not there every week, so I have been looking for songs I can sing unaccompanied. If I want to have a go at singing, I can’t rely on people accompanying me.

A favourite song of mine is ‘Homophobia’ by Chumba Wamba and I would love to do that one, but being in a small town, some of the people (not all) out and about in the pubs have a bit of an ignorant point of view, and I don’t know how it will go down. I WILL sing it, but need to get a bit more established singing at the open mic before I do. Actually chances are no-one will be listening anyway, as often everyone’s a little pissed and chatting, although I would actually like people to take notice of the words, as they are very powerful. The other song I would like to sing is the Clash’s ‘Bank robber’, which is a fun song and is easily sung acappela. After I have sung ‘littlest birds’ a couple of times I will hopefully have the opportunity to sing these 2songs.

I will just continue with my quest to firstly sing with Cyrus, and then to sing without accompaniment, as they haven’t got the musicians turning up that used to. I want to sing, I have a good voice, I have a strong voice, and I want the opportunity to show it.

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