Saturday, May 05, 2007

It's been a long time since my last blog

Forgive me father for I have sinned, It’s been a long time since my last blog. I know I have nothing to be forgiven for, but isn’t it funny, although I haven’t been brought up under any strict religious denomination, I still feel a stronger sense of responsibility, than is healthy.

Since my last post, Ian hasn’t let me go, he has relentlessly pursued me, and I have stood my ground. The trouble is when he feels Steve needs some space, as I feel responsible for Ian, and I know he has nowhere else to stay, he ends up staying. As I said I’ve stood my ground and nothings happened, despite him trying and saying he’s not going to let me go easily.

However it may finally be sinking in, as on Wednesday night he said he may go back to London, it would be a lot easier for me if he did. Living as he does, crashing at other people’s houses all the time, it’s a lot easier for him to do that where he has a lot of friends.

Anyway it’s all tiring me out. I am feeling totally exhausted, and haven’t had a very productive week. I’ve been trying to write another article for the features unit, however have not got very far with it. With deadlines looming next week, I think I now need to abandon this and work on pieces for assessment.

Thursday night I had a night off, my brother and his girlfriend arrived in Cornwall for a few days, and I went down to meet them for a couple of drinks, which ended up with me being whisked off to Padstow, and eating the best pasta dish I had ever tasted at Rojanos. I hadn’t met Simon’s girlfriend before and we got on really well. I had never really clicked with any of his previous girlfriends, probably due to them being so different to Simon, however they are very alike. Previously Simon has been put off by girlfriends becoming too serious, however when Bridget went off for a minute, he said I think we’re going to be serious. I was really pleased for him. I had a great night, and caught the sun on my face, which has given me panda eyes due to wearing sunglasses.

It’s Saturday today and I’ve had a productive day, I’ve managed to finish off my feature and finish the page by page contents of my book. My brilliant daughter Megs was also able to get us back on the internet, which has just not been happening for a few days. Every time I had tried to get on the internet, it was connecting fine, but couldn’t find any web page’s. I looked to check if any of the wires had come loose, repaired, de-fragged and deleted all my cookies etc. So what did Megan do to get our internet working again? She turned the box on and off, and we’re connected.

It’s been a long writing day, and although my laptops very hot, I feel a bit of surfing coming on.

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Fi said...

Keep up the good work (on all counts). xx