Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Hot bitch party

On Friday I went to a ‘hot bitch party’ at Exeter for a night of female fronted bands. The night out was brilliant, despite not many people turning up, (we reckoned about half of the audience were involved with the bands). Civilian were on first, a gutsy guitar band with Joshi providing powerful female vocals. All I can say is what an amazing voice. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t pissed, or out of it in any other way, this was the sort of band you can’t help but dance to. The only disappointment was they weren’t on for long enough.

After they played we went back to the bar for a sit down and a chat, and missed the next band, but were back in time for Evi Vine. We were in the mood for dancing, and this was chilled not dancey music, however it didn’t take long to appreciate the talent of this band. Evi’s haunting and beautiful melodic vocals soon drew in the audience, she sings with emotion you can’t help to identify with. I was so impressed I found her afterwards, and we were soon chatting away. As there weren’t many people there, it was quite an intimate gig and everyone was really friendly and welcoming.

It was then the turn of Obedient Bone who were who I went up to see. I’d seen them at a couple of festivals last year, and brought their album which I play a lot in my car. Demelza the singer was at the door when I went in, but I didn’t recognise her as I’d only seen the band from the back of crowds, and she was looking amazing wearing a basque, stockings and suspenders (It was a hot bitch party and she wasn’t the only one dressed up). It was all in all a very colourful evening, and I didn’t feel out of place in my stripy tights.

Obedient bone successfully mixes funk, trip hop and rock to produce a very unique edgy sound. They are becoming one of the most popular underground acts to catch, at the festivals all over the summer. We danced our socks off, satisfying our need to boogie.

The last act was the Family Fleabag Circus from Brighton, and we were treated to fire eating, a trapeze act, and a lap dancer, who did really well to carry on while the music stopped for a minute. Another bunch of really friendly people, we watched them putting on gloves with extended fingers that they set alight, and then provide us with another colourful fire show outside after the gig. After they’d finished we got chatting to Lisa (one of the family) while we were waiting for our taxi. I’m looking forward to catching up with them again at the festivals in the summer.

We got back relatively sober to my daughter’s room at the University and I really don’t know how she sleeps. There were noises all night, people coming in every half an hour or so, and the bed was really uncomfortable. In the moments of light sleep, I ended up having a dream about being in a lecture about fish, and sitting next to Robert De Niro.

It was a brilliant night and it didn’t end there, over the weekend I found Evi Vine on my space and added her as a friend, and then Civilian and Lisa (from Fleabag Family Circus) found my profile. It’s great to meet people, and then hook up on my space. I also hooked up with ‘Noize Makes Enemies’ (a music webzine, who are after writers) and ‘Festival eye’ and all because of a night out.

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