Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ahead of myself

For the past couple of weeks I have knuckled down to writing for deadlines tomorrow. It was my birthday yesterday, and I wanted to get everything done for then so I could go out in the evening and celebrate, and I achieved it. At 2.00pm yesterday after printing, re reading, editing and printing again I printed up all the work to be handed in on Friday.

It’s funny thou as soon as I’d finished I began to feel anxious. I wanted to clear up the mound of mess which has built up over the days when I’ve done nothing but write, get out for some food, and then get ready for a night on the town. I seemed to have loads of nervous energy and couldn’t sit still or rest. I cleared up a bit, had a visit from my friend Vicky who’d brought me a lovely glass hanging for my birthday, and then a visit from Ian and Steve. I gave up with trying to achieve an immaculate flat, and when Megs got back from school we heading out for a meal.

I fancied a Jacket potato with mature cheddar, coleslaw and salad. It was lovely and the plate was filled to the brim. It’s always a bit of a gamble what standard of salad you get, and despite loving salad I’m always disappointed if the salad is just lettuce and tomatoes and cucumber. However this salad was piled high with red onions, peppers, carrots, and even some orange. It was very yummy.

We got back in plenty of time for me to have a bath, and use my touch of silver shampoo, which makes my silver hair extra shiny. My friend Dee turned up at about eight, and brought me a bag of presents, only little things she said, however they were a few pounds each at least. I got a posh purple mug, a fairy that sits of the edge of a shelf, a smelly candle and some ‘Dead sea Spa Magik’ magic hair serum which I treat my hair to every so often. I felt really spoilt. And then Teresa turned up and gave me a beautiful beaded candle holder lampshade.

It wasn’t particularly busy at the Open mic. Cyrus was standing in for Helen, who has just had a baby, and worked hard as there weren’t many people getting up and having a go. I would like to have heard more women’s vocals, but it didn’t matter as I was nattering to lots of people. Alice my daughter, and Mark her boyfriend turned up and John, a friend I hadn’t seen for ages, and it was a lovely evening.

I was worried, because as I had been feeling anxious I thought I might get drunk quickly, but I had a couple of gin and redbulls and I think that helped, as when I walked back, not only did I get back in 10 minutes, I managed not to squash one snail, which were all over the pavement. Only downside to that was I still felt wide awake at two o’clock.

Today’s been pretty ok too. I had a lie in and then went to search the charity shops in town. It’s my friend Rachel’s birthday tomorrow and we always get each other something from charity shops. I’m not going to say what I’ve got just in case, but Rach if you’re reading I can’t wait till tomorrow. Despite the rain, which didn’t stop, I had a fun afternoon looking around the shops, and meeting up with a couple of friend’s for a drink. It was a fun afternoon because I had done my work and could take my time instead of rushing in and out of town.

I know the high from getting all the work done is only temporary. I’ve not been doing any of the general organisation of life chores, such as my due MOT, and trying to get housing benefit as I have no money for June’s rent. And on top of that I still have to keep writing, and pitching my work. But for today and maybe tomorrow all that stuff can stay on hold.

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