Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pinks and Purple's

I like pinks and purples, although I have been branching out into greens and blues in these past few months. All these colours go well together. Anyway I got to thinking, my blog spot is pink, and my website is mostly pink, is this giving the wrong impression about myself?

In my own little idealistic world, publishers etc, would look at the content of my website, my writing samples etc. However, in real life, I think it’s unlikely they would read much, as they haven’t got the time, and need to make snap judgements. As much as I hate stereotyping, when making snap judgments, people utilise whatever they can to help with making decisions. I believe, stereotyping people is part of everyone’s socialisation, and feel it’s difficult to resist especially when having to make snap judgments.

So what does pink say about me to people making a snap judgment? Maybe it says I’m a bit of a girly girl, and possibly not that serious. I believe in the business world masculine values still prevail, and if an important document was produced in pink, it probably wouldn’t get the credibility it deserved. Feminine qualities such as caring, and being more in tune with emotions and feelings, are not qualities that get you far in the business world. Working for a ‘Connexions’ for many years, I’ve had enough of denying my femininity in order to get on, and work my way up the ladder.

Just because I’m a woman, and I like pink doesn’t mean I am not serious, and I’m not going to bow down to masculine values. Therefore I am keeping the pink. It may be to my cost, but I'd rather be accepted for who I am, than not be myself.

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