Saturday, May 12, 2007

I should have gone back to Falmouth

At first yesterday was a bit of a rush. I drove to Falmouth to hand in my work, and then jumped back in the car to drive to St Austell for my friends birthday lunch. It was a lovely afternoon and I caught up a friend I used to work with, and hadn’t seen for about four years. I left about five and in hindsight I should have gone back to Falmouth. Megan was away for the night, straight from school, and I fancied a night out to celebrate the end of the course.

Everyone was going out in Falmouth after hand in, and I expect would have still been out into the evening. I would like to have celebrated with them. In the end I sat at home, and rang round a few friends here but nobody was going out. So I brought myself a bottle of wine and stayed in.

The upside of staying in was I caught Eastenders, and had a lovely warm feeling after a big glass of red wine. The downside is after a few more glasses, I went shopping on the internet, and brought more than I wanted just to get the free posting. I suppose if I had gone out I would have spent the same amount of money though.

I am going to miss going down to Falmouth and seeing everyone, and I definitely aim to get there for a night out at some point. I’m also going to have to be really disciplined to carry on with writing, as I won’t have the course to motivate me. One of the things I aim to do is to write a magazine type article every week to put on my Jax Writer’s Spot blog. I aim to build up my portfolio, so publications will take me seriously, by continuing writing for Vitality Matters and basically getting my writing out there. I also need to do research and/or some writing each week for my book.

But first I need to clear up, and that’s what I’m going to do now. What fun!

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