Friday, May 18, 2007

I'm addicted to My Space

I’m addicted to My Space. If you read my last blog you would have read about how my friend Ian’s songs were posted up on a ‘my space’ site I really wanted to send a message about the site, and couldn’t unless I had a ‘My Space’. So yesterday my brilliant daughter Megs, helped me set it all up. Since then I’ve had requests to be added as friends from a couple of people I don’t know, and they seem very interesting people, but for now while I’m getting used to it all, I’m only adding people I know as friends.

I’ve added Megs as my friend and have found my daughter Tamsin. So when she logs in she may add me as a friend. I wouldn’t worry if she didn’t add me, who wants their mum to see their personal stuff? However we talk about everything and are really close (see 'Take your Mama out all night' March posting). I’ve also found friends from the MA course, it’s all very exciting.

With Megs helping me set up everything, I also discovered how to add a tab, so you can have more web pages open. There’s so much I need to learn about making the most of computers. This means I can now listen to music, on the net, while writing this blog. I know many people have been doing this for ages, but for me this is shiny and new. When I went to school (back in the olden days) they didn’t have computers. I did typewriting RSA on a typewriter.

Megs was looking at, I think you call it HTML script, and deleting bits and adding in bits, she managed to get my blogs linked on my ‘My Space’ site. Its second nature to her, but to me it’s alien. I am learning loads and I will get to grips with it eventually. With Megs helping me I’ve also learned how to create a hyperlink, so people can click on addresses and get there.

Problem is now I’m addicted to ‘My Space’ it’s another excuse to procrastinate, and I need to get on with writing. Positives are I can get my name out there more, I have links to my blog ‘JaxWritersSpot’ on which I am doing a weekly article. I just need to make sure I don’t spend so much time on ‘My Space’ that I don’t work on articles. I feel a bit of research coming on for the next posting, which will most probably be about fatigue, possible causes, energy foods, etc.

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