Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm neglecting blogger

My space is taking up so much time. Because of the person I am I can’t just ignore people. I am finding I’m spending too much time answering messages and friend requests. I do not want hundreds of friends like most people, so I am only adding people I know or know of. After all I can still chat to people without them being my friends.

One of my bestest friends who lives 200 miles away, has set up a ‘my space’ so we can chat. It’s great for keeping in touch with people. Yesterday I was searching around, checking out bands I could see at the festivals I go to, and found ‘Gogol Bordello’ who sing a song ‘Start wearing purple’ so I put the tune up on my profile. If you read my last posting you’ll know why. I will definitely be checking them out this summer.

I haven’t had a dance for ages, and tonight I’m off to a ‘Hot bitch party’ at Exeter to see Obedient Bone and other female fronted bands with my friend Teresa. I have butterflies in my stomach which I often do when I’m going out. It should be a wicked night.

Anyway I must get on and beautify myself, it may take a while.

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