Thursday, April 05, 2007

Tamsin's all grown up

You’ve been hearing about if for weeks, and now it’s finally here, I’m officially old. I now have a twenty year old daughter. She’s no longer a teenager. We’ve just been out for a meal in a supposedly posh restaurant. The service was great, but apart from a couple of good choices, over all the food was disappointing. Poor Tamsin didn’t go much for any of her food, and it was her birthday. I was careful, but knew the diet was off the cards for the day.

I’m quite disappointed how I’m doing on my diet. I’ve been eating on average about 1400 calories a day, and it’s got easier to keep my calories down, as I’ve gone along. I’ve always been interested in nutrition, and I’ve also been making sure I include all the foods groups I need within that calorie count. The problem is for the past few weeks I haven’t seemed to lose any weight.

Since about a year after my initial breakdown, I’ve wondered whether maybe I have a thyroid problem (an under active thyroid). One of the functions of the thyroid is enabling cells to covert oxygen and calories into energy. Symptoms of an under active thyroid include fatigue, depression, and weight gain. My mental state seems to be linked with getting really tired, when I get too tired I’ll get really low. There sometimes doesn’t seem to be any other link, other than that the tiredness triggers the depression.

The fact that I’m not losing weight seems to reinforce this feeling of mine. I am being really strict, and even if I eat a couple of squares of chocolate I will work out the calories. I’ve been quite obsessive. I weigh everything. I work it all out very thoroughly every day. So I should be losing weight, but I’m not. I have had a couple of blood tests to check my thyroid, which hasn’t confirmed my theory, but the levels of thyroid hormone fluctuate, and I don’t believe these tests are conclusive.

I’m going to mention it again the next time I see the doctor.

Anyway I have an adult in the house, and she's currently snuggling up with her boyfriend watching a dvd, while I'm in bed with my laptop (sounds excitng doesn't it). She had a bit of a party night, last night, to celebrate her birthday. As it's such a small town, the Open mic night affects the whole town and apart from the weekend Wednesday is the night to go out.

I think she had a good day.


emapple said...

Just catching up with your posts. You have nothing to feel guilty about - you're a lovely Mum who the girls are lucky to have.

I can't even imagine Jack being twenty - it seems such a long way away but sure it's going to go very quickly.

Is it any consolation to know I haven't even started my industry analysis yet?


Fi said...

Wow, sounds like a heavy week.
Hope Megsy's feeling better and the work placement/workload's not feeling too overwhelming.
What's your website url? I'd love to have a look.
And I'd love to her you sing sometime.
All the best for the coming week, see you in features I guess,

miss-cellany said...

Don't envy any one the migraines, hope she's ok.

Just as a suggestion, when I was getting them it turned out to be a symptom of anaemia, know that needles sound like a worse option but wonder if it might be worth a thought, or just big iron boost? Been blessdly free of migraines for nearly a year now.

Whilst I seem to be in this sort of space, have you thought about cutting out wheat? Given my frame size weight goes on/off fast; I've really noticed the effect of wheat to make me bloaty. Might be worth a go so you feel good. You always look great anyway.