Monday, April 23, 2007

Off for an early night

Just realised it’s my birthday 2 weeks after my brother’s birthday, which is this Wednesday, and all our work is due in two days after that. So what have I done to ensure I’m on the track to getting everything finished? I’ve sat on my arse, staring at the laptop. I think the thought of it all has tired me out.

Or could it be because I spent Friday extreme spring cleaning well into the evening, prior to my landlord’s visit on Saturday, had a couple of fun energetic evenings, and then on Sunday packed up Tamsin’s belongings into the car, drove to Exeter, unloaded and drove back? Whatever the reasons, I feel absolutely shattered, braindead, and have not actually achieved much today, apart from having a blood test, for thyroid again. I hope it shows something up this time, it would explain my constant tiredness.

Oh no wait a minute, I’ve also finally set up a link so I can change my website. Anyway that’s it, I’m off to get an early night.


MA Student said...

Hi Jacqui
Thanks for the comment! My blog has been invisible till now so it's a surprise!
I highly recommend the restorative properties of nail polish on the toes - well worth the effort, I've always found.
Perhaps you just need to find a new favourite colour. Ideal birthday present to yourself!

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

I have loads of Business Writing stuff to do for Friday, so, yep, obviously I've spent the night staring at my laptop. Still, they say 90% of writing is procrastination*.

*Ok, so I made that up, but hopefully if I repeat it often enough... [fingers crossed].