Saturday, November 18, 2006

Good writing night.

I had writers bloc again yesterday. So about 9.00 I decided to give up on it, and went out to visit friends for an hour. I had a houseful of teenagers, all doing a fitness video in the frontroom. Stampede of elephants spring to mind. So I escaped. My friend's doing an Art A level and we both discuss how we are doing, where we find inspiration etc. She had a meeting on Monday to show her work so far, so after a cuppa, she got out a picture she needed to reproduce, and started drawing. There was a few of us there, and as Em's always being creative this was natural. When I was doing my beady hangings, I would also carry on when friends visited.
With writing however it's not so easy to carry on and entertain. I finished my tea and got back about 10.30, almost time for bed, if It wasn't for the fact I was completely knackered earlier on, and had a nap. So thinking of Em, I got out the laptop, and started work on my piece.
We had to write a short piece of fiction, which experimented with time and/or order. I had spent all day staring at the laptop, trying to come up with ideas, and when I got back from Em's the ideas flowed. I finished writing at 2.00 in the morning, feeling satisfied with my piece. For probably the first time ever at one of my daughters sleepovers, they were asleep before me.
This morning, I had to cut down the words, I had written 1000 words and it was meant to be 500 to 700. So it was a tad too long. Although I was pleased with it, it's a bit like a mum being pleased with a child who is actually really badly behaved. So I emailed it to a friend for a second opinion. I got an answer phone message from her, being a sad case I may have to keep on the phone. She loved it, loved the narration, and felt the jump around of time worked well.
I also checked out which is a website about writing, run by the postgraduate professional writing students. It's well worth a visit if your interested in writing. It's the first edition since it's been handed over to this years students, and I have a piece on there. It was a piece I wasn't too sure about. The subject was hope, and I wrote about my personal journey over the past few years. It's always difficult to expose yourself in that way, but I'm proud of the piece, and what everyone has achieved on the website
It's been a good day.
The photos are of my beady hangings I talked about earlier.

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