Monday, November 13, 2006

Keeping up with the work

This course is definitely a brilliant preparation for any writer, however I am finding it a struggle to keep up. Tomorrow we are starting to make our own website, which is very exciting, but also a bit scary as I am a technophobe. I have looked around at other writer's websites and can see their potential. I can display my portfolio, so that clients/employers can see my work.
I spent all Friday finishing an article for the December issue of Vitality matters, and then due to an advertiser coming in at the last minute, it's going to be in next months issue instead. I was a bit disappointed, but also pleased as I won't have to do one next month, as we will probably have a lot of work to do over the Christmas break.
I have also written a piece for bloc online, which is a website for writers maintained by the students on the course. It was up for the Guardian Student media award, and came second. So at last some of my writing will be out there for all to see.
I have also just written a short story, that I am pleased with. This is an indication of my improvement, as I am not really a story writer. I aim to concentrate on feature writing and non-fiction writing.
Anyway, I am making progress which is great. The adventure continues.

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