Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sims 2

What computers can do constantly amaze me. There were no computers when I was at school, I missed out by a couple of years. My teenage daughter however, grew up with them from primary school.

Last night, after returning from her dads, Megs brought back Sims2.
We uploaded it onto the lap top, and then tried to replicate our family. It was great fun, but so complicated. We built a house from scratch, with 4 bedrooms, which is a luxury as we've never had more than a 3 bedroomed place. A bedroom each, fantasy is good.

Despite the game being extremely clever, and there's no way I could ever produce any game as complex as Sims2. I did find a few flaws. After a few glasses of red, I was being assertive, and quite fussy.

The first flaw was that, in order to have completely grey hair, which I do, I had to be an elder. I am only 40, and found nothing inspired me, in the choice of clothes. I don't dress too young for my age I don't think, however I don't dress too grown up either. I ended up changing to an adult, and having brown hair, the colour of my hair, before the premature greying (which runs in the family).

The next flaw, came when establishing the relationship between the characters we created. My eldest daughter is 19, so we had put her down as a adult. As she was an adult, and I was an adult she couldn't be my daughter, so we had to change her to a teenager. At 40 I could have a daughter of 23, or even older, when I was at school one girl left to have a baby at 15. With the rise in teenage pregnancies, adults are quite often mums to adults. Maybe this is something the creators of Sims2 ought to take on board.

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