Friday, October 27, 2006

Brain Overload

I have actually managed to write one essay today, but I am now feeling brain dead. What can you do when you have writing to do, and can't think of anything to write? I suppose, this is part and parcel of being a writer. It's been a very busy week, and we've had a lot of theory to take in. I can see how a good understanding of the theory can help develop, and focus my writing, however today I feel my brains been overloaded, and it's taking a well earned sabbatical.
So while my brain's having a well earned rest, it's a good time to have a brainless waffle on my blog. At least that way I feel like I'm still achieving something.
Thats it, I think, for the day. I'm picking my daughter up from the train station, after a week with her dad, and instead of taking, writing with me while I wait. I'm opting for a gentle, light read. You never know I may find some inspiration.
Message for my brain:
I hope you have a lovely rest, but please come back refreshed and eager tomorrow. I need you!

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