Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday 11th October Ist posting

As a complete technophobe, I have no idea what I'm doing really, but am presuming that a blog is a kind of diary, so thats what I am going to use this for.
The Planet Ug is probably not a good name for an inspiring writers blog, and I would like to explain the reasons behind the name. 'Ug' was a word used and common to myself and my partner when we first met, generally used instead of 'I don't know' Are you alright' etc, really only we understood it's meaning. Even though we have now gone our own ways after 20 years, it still stays with me.
A few years ago, after getting a good job, doing too much, work, family, and partying, I lost touch with reality for a little while, and am still recovering. I needed an online support system,so therefore set myself up an anonymous email address which was the Planet Ug. I used Planet, because as I felt like I was on a different planet, and removed from the reality I couldn't deal with at the ime.

I do waffle a lot and hope you'll all enjoy my waffling. Introductions and explanations over I hope to use this blog as a professional diary of my growth as a writer, but to also report how I feel about the process, and how I deal with it emotionaly, Hopefully it may be of use to other people who may not feel confident in their abilities due to anxiety and worry.

Quote for the day:
" It takes courage and positivity to believe that what you may have to say will be of interest to other people and then give up years to work on that"
Quote from an author on the television, unfortunately did not note who,but have it on my wall to keep me going.

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