Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Where does the time go?

Where does the time go? I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last posted a blog. Yesterday, while I was writing an article that I needed to finish for the Wednesday posting on my ‘Jax writers spot’ blog (see my links), I checked in with my space, as I often do whenever I feel like a quick break. The only problem was I got the most attention I had ever received on ‘my space’. I had loads of messages from people I didn’t know, including a fair few declarations of love which I now just delete, and I had around 20 friend requests. I couldn’t understand it.

The article I was writing about hyperactivity in children and diet involved writing up studies etc, in an interesting readable fashion, and it needed a lot of my energy. In retrospect I should not have looked at my space, as in the end it became quite overwhelming.

Of all the requests I only added three friends. I’ve only been on ‘my space’ about 6 months and although I do want to make friends on my space, I don’t want to have pages of friends that are difficult for me and other people to wade through. I’m not the typical my spacer. A lot of the requests were from Music profiles and although I love music and have a fair few music friends, I don’t add too much music. I prefer to add music friends if I know them, or have seen them or have the opportunity to see them (i.e they are from my part of the country), or I really really like the music.

I also had a friend request from the Ingrams and I looked at their profile. Charles and Diane share the profile and I saw he was an author, however I recognised the name, and couldn’t remember from where. So I googled him and found they were the couple who had cheated on 'Who wants to be a millionaire'.

I also had requests from people/music groups, who had lots of friends who are young girls scantily clad in underwear. I am quite a political person and believe being constantly bombarded by ‘tits and arse’ does a lot to create problems with body image for women, causing low self esteem and possibly contributing to developing eating disorders. Not everyone is a size 10 (or should I say 0 now), women who may be a bit older, who don’t have such smooth skin, or have a bit of a fuller figure than these girls are still beautiful women. It’s what’s inside that counts, not how someone looks.

I feel the friends I have on ‘my space’ reflect me. So forgive me for being a bit selective. On a positive side I have met some lovely people on my space, and write regularly to a couple of women friends I have made. A fair few of my friends also log in each week and read my ‘Jax writers spot’ article and it quite often develops into a discussion about what I have written about. Although yesterday was a little overwhelming, it was also very amusing, and the positives of ‘my space’, for me, outweigh the negatives.

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