Friday, November 02, 2007

Half term Halloween fun

With Halloween approaching and a fair few of my friends dressing up to go out on Wednesday, I decided to make an outfit. I had a black top which I had fabric painted with cobwebs already, and a beady cobweb mask I had made, so I set out to make a cobweb skirt to go with it. I brought some interfacing and drew cobwebs all over it and cut them out, leaving a band at the top so I could tie it round me like a sarong.

Tuesday the Achilles tendon in my ankle was suffering from shooting pains and I couldn’t walk on it easily, so I almost dismissed the idea of going out. However on Wednesday after going round to face paint a friend of mine, I got into the spirit of the night a bit more. So at the last minute, I took some painkillers, dressed up and went down to town.

Being a Wednesday, it was the open mic night and lots of people were out. I saw a couple of really good friends I hadn’t seen for ages and it was great to catch up. Before I’d had too many drinks I got up and sang a song (Sweet bride by Kate Rusby), that I had been practising. I had sung a few times, but I get so nervous and I find I’m shaking when I get off the stage. Although I still felt shaky when I got off, I felt more confident up there this week, and my confidence was portrayed in my voice. I quite often sing with my eyes closed, but this time I had my eyes open for some of it. Afterwards I had lots of people coming up and saying I sounded really good, so I was really pleased, and of course it was good for my ego.

My skirt didn’t fair so well. As I had cut it out of interfacing a couple of the cobwebs were pulled off while getting on and off chairs. However I kept them, and as I’m off to a ‘fright night’ party tonight, I set about remaking it. I was going to buy some white netting, make a skirt, and iron the interfacing onto that, but then I remembered in a bag of jumble there was a white skirt my daughter was throwing out. So I ironed the cobwebs onto it and cut them out leaving the waistband at the top. Not only does it look really good now (much better than a netting skirt would look), it’s also stronger and I’ll have it for Halloween another year. At some point, in the next week, I will post photo’s of my outfit up on my ‘my space’.

I’m looking forward to some more Halloween fun tonight, and I am hoping to catch up with another bunch of friends I haven’t caught out socially for ages. It’s been a half term of Halloween fun.

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