Thursday, September 27, 2007

We are free, Be merry

It’s been a busy and rather stressful week and a half since I last blogged. My ex husband Mark who decided he wasn’t going to come down after I said I didn’t want him staying here, did come down in the end. I knew he wouldn’t fork out for bed and breakfast so the compromise was I disappeared for the weekend while he came down. Luckily I had the opportunity to stay at a friend’s caravan while he was away.

Mark came down on the Friday, and on the Saturday I drove Tamsin to Exeter to her new house, ready for the 2nd year at Uni. It took 2½ hours to drive up, due to getting caught in slow traffic. The house is great, she sharing it with 3 girlfriends and they had already made their mark on the place. One of the girls had done drawings of all of them, and there was one waiting for Tamsin to put up on her chosen kitchen cupboard. I made better time driving back and got back around four.

On Sunday morning and I got a text from Megs saying ‘Dads gone we need bread milk and toilet roll’. Typical I thought, this is why I’m wiping my hands of him; he had stayed all weekend helped himself to food, but had not gone out and brought anything that had run out. Instead of buying Megan the camera she needed for GCSE work he had brought her his old one, which is good but I have to buy an attachment so we can load photos onto the computer. After not contributing financially towards Megan’s keep for so long, he gave her £20! Whoopee do!

On Monday it was back to normality, and I was able to get on with some writing. I’ve been helping a friend out who is producing a media project for the Port Elliot Literary festival, and needed to get on with writing up the talks I had seen there. One of the talks I had been most eager to see was Tom Hodginson; founder and editor of the ‘Idler’, who was talking about the history of Anarchism. He wasn’t the best of speakers and it didn’t flow particularly well, but the content of the talk was very interesting. I started writing it up and after two days I think I had got it to flow. At the end of his talk he read out his ‘Freedom manifesto’ he had written for his book ‘How to be free’ which I had got on the Dictaphone very clearly. I suggested to my friend it would be great to have a link to the sound recording on her media project. Anyway here it is:

“Death to the supermarkets
Bake bread
Play the ukulele
Open the village hall
Action is futile
Quit moaning
Make music
Stop consuming
Start producing
Back to the land
Smash usury
Embrace beauty
Embrace poverty
Hail the chisel
Ignore the state
Reform is futile
Anarchy in the UK
Hail the spade
Hail the horse
Hail the quill
Love thy neighbour
Be creative
Free your spirit
Dig the Earth
Make compost
Life is absurd
We are free
Be merry”

PS. Look out for the full article on Jax writers spot blog in the next couple of weeks (link on the right of this page)

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Rae said...

Hi lovvie,
I meant to tell you I have a couple of those cable things to attach camera to computer. let me know if you want it.

Feeling very odd without phone.