Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Normal blogging will now resume after the summer break.

Although I spent a couple of hours baking in the sun on the beach today, it is still the end of the summer holidays. We’ve been to the last festival, and Megs is back to school on Thursday.

The Aeon festival was great, and the sun shone for the whole weekend. I would have gone home if it had rained after the last two mudbath festivals. It was small and intimate (I think they sold around 1400 weekend tickets) and it was easier to get chatting to people. The bands I saw were great including Evie Vine and Obedient Bone. They had an exhibition with some amazing art, and a farm shop selling some lovely organic food and drinks.

One of the highlights for me was the bookcycle stall where you say the price. Bookcycle raise money to send books to schools in poverty stricken areas of Africa by selling books. What a brilliant idea. They were situated in a marquee type tent at the top of a field with amazing views, and they had armchairs and cushions in so you could just sit there and read

I had taken a few beers and some gin and tonic, and although they had a bar, I only spent £30 all weekend. £15 of that was in the farm shop, £3 was spent on a present and we also got 7 books between us for which I paid at least a pound each. It was great value for money.

It was great to spend time with Alice, my daughter, who lives with her boyfriend in a flat in town. She is 18 and has two jobs to pay all her bills etc, so I hardly get to spend time with her. Only problem was she is not used to spending time outside, and it was so sunny on Saturday, she got sunburnt and spent the evening feeling unwell, shivering but hot.

Now the summer holidays are over I need to get on the case with writing and need to try and sell my writing, as well as working on my book. There are no excuses any more. Normal blogging will now resume.

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