Saturday, September 08, 2007

I've had enough

I am so angry! It’s probably not a good time to do a posting. I’m giving up on my useless ex husband. I don’t care if I never see him again in my life. All I ask is he gives a bit of money towards Megan, to help pay for stuff like clothes, things she needs for school etc. I asked him if he could help pay for her camping holiday this year as I couldn’t afford it on my own, and he said he would but didn’t.

He didn’t even get her or Tamsin and Alice, a Christmas or birthday present, and I end up paying for everything. I sold the family home because he wanted money, and I wanted to stop the constant phone calls hassling me. He’s spent all the left over money he had on travelling around the world, while I’m still paying out whenever any of them want anything. So today I get angry, it really is like talking to a brick wall. Does he not understand although Megs is here he is still jointly responsible for his children?

Trouble is as he’s in India most of the time now, there’s nothing I can do about it. If he was in this country, and they hadn’t seen him or seen any financial support, I would have approached the child support agency by now. I’ve had enough I’m wiping my hands of him. Over the past few years the kids have lost a lot of respect for their dad. Megan gets really upset, because she’s only seen him once this year and he was going to go back to India without coming down and seeing her again. It’s me that has to console her when she’s in tears because she thinks her dad doesn’t want to know.

Instead of me rushing around trying to get him to come down to see them, it’s now up to him and he can sort it out with them. I’ve had enough.

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Jen said...

Grrr - what a twit (could have used stronger word)

A friend of mine with two under fives had a discusion with their dad about getting some support. He said, how do I know you are going to spend it on the boys?

The stupidity is staggering. Who does he think is paying for EVERYTHING already.