Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Life without the internet.

Again, is this an excuse or not? My internets packed up. I manage to connect O.K and then when I try to open a page it says Server not found. My daughter Alice’s boyfriend, Mark, looked at it for me, but couldn’t sus it out. Any ideas about what’s up? Let me know.
So anyway that’s my excuse, or not, for not signing in recently.

I have missed the internet. It is very irritating not being able to look something up, whenever I need too. However I think I have done a lot more writing, as I've not spent hours looking at emails, websites, noticeboards etc. By borrowing someone elses's computer, I am able to focus, and get the information I need, in the time I have. I did my entire degree, hardly ever using the internet, and I got a first. Unfortunately on this course, and with the area of work I would like to enter, I know I need it. I will get it sorted.

I’ve not gone out, or seen many of my friends this holiday, as I’ve been worried about getting all my assignments done. So I’ve spent most of the time with the laptop on my knee, but still not managing to write as much as I would like.

Two days ago, I developed a really bad back, and could hardly move. Bending my knee in the night, woke me up, it’s not been good. I didn’t do any writing on the first day, as the pain was so bad I couldn’t focus. As my daughters been staying in the front room, I’ve done a lot of writing in bed, and on the second day I got the laptop out again. It was then I realised it was probably writing like this that had caused my backache. I noticed how heavy my laptop was.

Unfortunately being in a small flat, there is no room for a desk, but I definitely need one. Therefore I am now on the lookout to move. I do need a bigger place. Until then I went back to basics and got out a notepad. I was able to do one of my assignments with pen and paper, and it didn’t take very long to type it out. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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