Saturday, January 06, 2007

The internet's back

I don’t understand the mysteries of the technological age. The last few weeks, we have kept trying to get the internet, and have not been able to, but all of a sudden it’s back. Megan tried to get onto it on Thursday night, and that was it. It’s back.
I spent yesterday with a big smile on my face, and did the surfing I had wanted to do for ages. I ordered some books I needed, I checked out the professional writing notice board, and checked emails. The only trouble was I spent a couple of hours at it, when I could have been writing.
Also I don’t think looking at the notice board was such a good plan. There is so much to do. I knew how much there was to do, but looking at all the messages about legal issues when writing, MA proposals, word counts, spacing etc, I felt the panic rising.
Today I feel a bit better about it all. I am muddling on with it all, and writing every day.
I’ve rewritten a Scene from a classic story, in a different genre, and in the modern day. I did Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, which I rewrote as a murder mystery. The two charity worker’s who came into Scrooge’s office, became Police detective’s, investigating Marley’s murder. That was quite fun to do. I’ve also written 9 pages of a 12 page story, reworked a piece for assessment, written an essay explaining a method of constructing a good essay, and half completed my MA proposal.
Looking at the list it doesn’t seem very much to have written, in 4 weeks. Never mind, I’ll just keep muddling on. And I’d better get on with it.

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