Saturday, September 20, 2008

Update on swim

I went swimming yesterday at a time which for the past few months has been really quiet, so quiet in fact occasionally I’ve been the only swimmer in the pool. However although it wasn’t too busy when I got there as time went on it got busier and busier. Having to weave around so many people, some swimming widths, some just bobbing around, and others doing lengths like me, did make my swim yesterday a bit more of a challenge. Anyway as it is generally a quiet time to swim, I had set myself the target of swimming a mile and I wasn’t going to let a busy pool stop me achieving my target for the day. So after an hour and 15 minutes I finished swimming 66 lengths (64 is a mile but I did 2 for luck). This makes my grand total 154 lengths this week, which I am really pleased with.

I have also had a thought: why don’t I add a link to the page where you can sponsor me on my blog? So you should now be able to click on Sponsor me on the right of this page. I also got my fundraising pack through today, with sponsor forms, record card, a swimming hat and some information about what Aspire do (the charity I am raising money for). Aspire work with people with spinal injuries. There are around 40,000 people with a spinal cord injury and every day another 4 people are told they may never walk again. Aspire raise money for specialist equipment (£350 will pay for Smartnav technology for a PC to enable someone with a spinal injury to use a computer), adapted housing, and independent living officers to provide support and help to people who have been recently injured and are leaving hospital. As you can see it is a very worthwhile cause.

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