Friday, September 19, 2008

Swimming the Channel

You’ll never believe what I’ve gone and done. I say that because it’s taken a week for what I’ve signed up to, to sink in. Last Friday, while just browsing the internet, I signed up to swim 22 miles which is the length of the channel in 12 weeks (the time scale is from this Monday 15th September to December 7th). That’s 1416 lengths in all! As I signed up I thought am I mad, or actually is it a really good idea to set myself a challenge? It will give me something to work towards, give me a tremendous sense of achievement if I do it, and will keep me exercising which will help with the release of feel good endorphins which I really need at the moment to get me through a low patch.

It is all in aid of Aspire who are the UK’s leading spinal injury charity and of course I also need to get sponsored. If any of you lovely readers would like to sponsor me then click on my ‘my space’ link on the right of this page, and on it I have a widget which will take you to my fundraising page where you can donate money.

I feel I can achieve this, as some weeks I have managed 96 lengths (a mile and a half). In order to complete the challenge I need to swim 118 lengths a week, which means I maybe have to go swimming three times a week instead of two times. This week I swam on Monday and Tuesday and did 44 lengths both times making 88 in all and I’m also going swimming today. I am going to aim to do more than 118 if I can as many weeks as I can, as if I get a cold, or injure myself and have to miss some sessions, then the likelihood of me completing the challenge will be lessened.
Anyway I’m off for a swim now I will keep you informed how I get on.

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