Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New me. Week 6 review.

Well I’ve made it for 6 weeks! I weighed myself on Friday and I’m 10.1 stone, which means a loss of 13lbs in 6 weeks. I am really chuffed. But what I want to know is; why if I’ve lost almost a stone, have I not gone down a dress size? I didn’t initially think I needed to lose more than half a stone, however I am purely interested in how my clothes fit, and I am still not satisfied. I wanted to get back to when my jeans etc were a comfortable fit, which was a year and a half ago, and I had estimated half a stone would do it. I am still a few pounds off getting to that point, which suggests I had put on more weight than I thought.

In comparison my daughter Megs, who is 15, has not watched what she’s been eating, but has started going out more and doing a lot of walking, and has clothes she brought new at Christmas time that are now too big for her. She’s eaten different meals than me for many years, as we have different tastes. Her favourite meal is Jacket potatoes and tuna and sweet-corn, and she eats fairly healthily, but when she stays in she eats more and will snack a lot. Reflecting on Megan’s weight loss, reinforces the idea that a healthy weight can be maintained with a combination of diet and exercise.

I am so chuffed for Megan, as she’s been bigger than her friends for many years, and it’s definitely affected her self esteem. Even though she’s only been a size 16, she wasn’t happy with her weight, and as an emotional eater the more she felt bad about it the more she would eat. Since buying her jeans and finding them too big after six weeks, she knows managing her weight is achievable.

Anyway I am still wearing the same jeans. I have also had success with my vital measurements. Back at the beginning my measurements were:
Boobs 37inches, Waist 32½inches and Hips 40inches.
Now they are:
Boobs 37inches, Waist 31½inches and Hips 38 inches.

I’ve lost 2 inches off my hips, which is amazing, and 1 inch around my waist. I’m quite happy with not losing inches around the top.

What I wanted to achieve was:
Lose at least half a stone
Exercise at least twice a week
Give up smoking

I have achieved the first goal, and as I’ve said I will carry on till my jeans are comfortable. On the whole I have achieved the second goal too. I wasn’t able to exercise when I was ill for a week and a bit, and don’t feel exercise has become a habit yet. Apart from being ill and missing a couple of sessions, I have been swimming a mile most weeks. I love it, I can have a really awful day and then I get into the water and my stresses melt away for a while. I would recommend it to anyone. I’ve also been doing exercising DVD’s, and have alternated between aerobics and conditioning exercises. I have been able to feel the exercises working, and feel fitter.

I have not achieved the third goal. It probably is an excuse but when I was ill for a week, it set me back, as I wasn’t able to do the full 4 weeks, without having to stop exercise. The exercise is important as it should get my metabolism working faster, before I stop smoking. But then that’s what the book I’m reading says, that we make excuses not to give up. I’m not going to beat myself up, but I know I need to pull my finger out. I will make a conscious effort to make my way through my book until I get to chapter 12 on how to quit. I’ve just worked out I’ve read 4 novels, while I’ve also had the ‘Free yourself from smoking’ book on the go.

On the whole I’m really pleased with my progress. I am eating really well. I am getting my 5 fruit and vegetables a day. I am drinking a couple of pints of water a day, and generally feel much healthier.

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