Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New me, Week 7/8

Well it seems like I’ve reached a plateau; I’m still 10st 1, which I’ve been for a few weeks now. I believe it’s normal to reach a weight you can’t seem to get past, however I have also had a few not so good days calorie wise, mainly due to socialising with friends and drinking wine. Again alcohol is what adds the calories, as I am eating really healthily within my calorie limit. Also the past few weeks, either Rach or I haven’t been able to make a Monday swimming, so I’ve only been swimming once a week.

On a positive note I brought myself a pair of jeans this week as there was a sale on (they were a bargain at £7). I picked out 3 pairs to try, 2 size 12s, and 1 size 10. The 12’s were too big, and the size 10s were a good fit around the legs, with a bit of spare space for growth around the waist. I was so chuffed. As the jeans I wear a lot, still have a bit of overhang above the waist, I didn’t think I’d gone down a dress size. After buying the size 10s I dug out some jeans I was wearing a year and a bit ago, that I had put away because I couldn’t fit into them, and they fit me again.

I am very happy with the weight I am now, and would say it’s my ideal weight. However I want to lose more so I can afford to put on some pounds when I give up smoking. On the smoking front I have consciously cut down, and one night last week I had my last cigarette at 7.45.

I’ve had a busy few weeks, and the exercising has suffered a bit. I have been doing an exercise DVD twice a week, which is less than I was doing. I am going to try to up this, to at least 3 sessions a week, even if one of those sessions is only 20 minutes. I do think the reason I feel happy with my body at the moment is not only due to the weight loss, but also due to feeling more toned because of the exercise. This would explain why I am feeling better about my body now, than I was a couple of weeks ago, when I was the same weight.

Feeling healthier, on the whole I feel is having an effect on my state of mind, and I am feeling more positive and less likely to feel down about how I look.

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