Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New me Week three.

After saying last week how much more confident and happy I was feeling, I found myself having a low week last week. As I seem to be feeling better now, I’ve put it down to being my time of the month, and the full moon. I still managed to keep on track and lost another 2lbs. I’m now 10st 6lbs. The weight is coming off steadily which I am pleased about.

I’m enjoying the exercise especially the swimming, and on Monday I swam 32 lengths (half a mile) and on Friday I did 34 lengths. I did the Rosemary Conley DVD a couple of times in the week and I’m finding it’s getting easier and easier.

Another aspect of my healthy lifestyle which is getting easier is creating nutritious meals which are fairly low calorie. As I’m getting into the swing of calorie counting, I am concentrating on ensuring my diet is balanced and nutritious. For example, for breakfast instead of having toast every day, I’m trying to have something different on alternate days. One breakfast I’m enjoying is Oats and Yogurt to which I add a handful of summer fruit berries (which can be brought frozen and taken out of freezer the night before) and a tsp of hemp seeds.

In the first few weeks as I was getting used to calorie counting, for dinners and lunches, I was eating lots of soups and salads. Now I’m experimenting more, I have been eating a variety of meals from stir-fries to Quorn mince bolognaise. Quorn is a great filler, and is low in fat and calories, it can bulk out any meal and help you feel fuller for longer. As I’m becoming more experimental, I am finding I am eating lots, but still coming in under 1500 calories a day.

I’ve also read a couple of chapters of my stop smoking book. I am already smoking a lot less than I was. As I said last week, it takes 6 weeks for something to become a habit, so I’ve decided when I’ve done six weeks I will give up smoking. I think this will be a good time to tackle the smoking, as hopefully I would have lost enough weight to be able to put a little bit of weight back on, and the healthy eating will be established enough not to overeat instead of grabbing a ciggy.

So it’s been another successful week. Next week I will do the first months review, and see if I’ve lost any inches off my vital measurements.

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