Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New me Week one

The first week has gone great. I knew I was right to throw myself into it. Previously, when I have just calorie counted, I haven’t had the results, but this time around I’m seeing results already.

After my swimming on Monday, my muscles didn’t ache the next day. However Tuesday was a really stressful day, and I ended up drinking some wine in the evening bringing my calorie count to around 1800, 800 calories up on Monday. I am determined not to give up altogether if I have a bad day, so I started Wednesday feeling positive.

Wednesday I consumed around 1000 calories, and learnt the Lambrini. I had seen the Lambrini dance on an advertisement on the television, and found a step by step guide of how to dance it on I probably danced around 30 minutes in all, and felt quite breathless. I did drive to Tesco’s though, which I could have walked, as its only 10 minutes away and I wasn’t getting much shopping.

In the evening as I looked at my diary I noticed I hadn’t eaten breakfast which is an easy trap for dieters to fall into. Much research has been done which suggests skipping breakfast can starve the body of nutrients, and prompt it to store more of lunches and dinners as fat. A study done by the University of Massachusetts concluded you are 450% more likely to be overweight by not eating breakfast.

Thursday my legs ached from the Lambrini the day before, which showed a fun dance was a good exercise. I also found I had lots of energy, and was feeling really enthusiastic about getting fit. I couldn’t wait to write things in my book. I realised I hadn’t been adding in coffee in my calorie count, which I rectified. Reviewing the week I realised apart from Tuesday, I was only consuming around 1000 calories, and decided I ought to be eating between 1200 and 1600 calories if I didn’t want to fall into the Yo Yo dieting trap, so I had 1300 calories that day.

I’ve been eating well all week. I start off with Rye bread (wheat free) toast and reduced fat houmous, as I believe carbohydrates are important first thing. So many diets suggest fruit for breakfast, however this can send blood sugar levels rising, and the energy from it is used quickly, often leading to feeling tired and hungry again mid morning. Complex carbohydrates release their energy slowly and will keep you going for longer.

For lunch I have had anything from salads to soups or oats and yogurt and fruit. Similarly for dinner I’ve had chicken salads, soups or something home-cooked such as roasted vegetables, or bolognaise with salad. I have kept all my portions small. Within my calorie count, I have eaten fruit as between meal snacks or ½ a 9bar which is a mixed seed bar (again good for slow energy release). I’ve felt quite satisfied and eaten when I’ve been hungry, and as the weeks gone on it’s got easier.

Feeling so enthusiastic on Thursday I searched for a calories burnt calculator and found a good one at To get to it click on ‘diet’ top of the home page, and then click on ‘Calories burnt Calculator’ on the right. You put in your weight, the duration of the activity and what it was and they calculate how many calories you have burned.

Friday I was at my laptop most of the day, but met up with my friend, Rach for swimming in the evening. On the Monday I had done 24 lengths (which is 2 over a third of a mile), and I decided I would do 26 this time. However when I had done 26 I thought I’d do a couple more, and then realised it was only 6 more and I would have swam half a mile. So in the end I swam 32 lengths (half a mile) and I was so chuffed. I was even more chuffed when I weighed myself on the scales at the sports centre again, (which I wasn’t going to do till Monday), and found I was 10st 11lbs, which means in 5days I have lost 3lbs in weight. Wow!

I do appreciate I probably won’t keep up this level of weight loss and it will probably start coming off slower, especially as I’ve decided on a minimum calorie intake as well as a maximum.

Saturday, however I felt quite hungry, and with wine in the evening my calorie count was 1739. I was disappointed, but I know I shouldn’t beat myself up if I have a slip up. Also I realised if I have a drink of wine in the evening I am more likely to have a snack. On a more positive note I did 20minutes of the Lambrini.

Sunday I did better. My count was 1452 calories which I was surprised about, as I had a roast dinner and had some wine.

Monday I got a Rosemary Conley fitness DVD through in the post and did 20 minutes fat burning in the morning. I like Rosemary Conley, and have used her DVD’s in the past. The moves are not too complicated and are easy to follow, and you definitely feel like you’ve had a workout, however slow you take it. In the evening I met Rach for swimming again, and at the beginning I didn’t think I would be able to swim as far this time, however before I knew it I had done half a mile again.

On weighing myself I had lost another pound. So after my first week I lost a quarter of a stone (4lbs). I now weigh 10st 10lbs. It was a very successful week. I didn’t however read any of my ‘Giving up smoking’ book, but I have been working hard on everything else, and won’t beat myself up for that. Once my healthy lifestyle is more established I can tackle the smoking then.

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