Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New me, Week 2.

It’s been another successful week. I weighed myself, after swimming half a mile, on the sports centre scales last night and I’d lost another 2lbs. It’s not coming off as quickly as the first week, but I expected it to slow down.

After getting my Rosemary Conley DVD in the post on Monday, I’ve done 30 minutes of exercise every other day, and on Saturday I did the whole hour workout. I know I had said I wouldn’t start exercise until I was a few weeks in, however this was mainly because I thought I wouldn’t manage it. I have actually enjoyed the exercise and can feel the results. I do realise this exercise may affect my weigh ins, as exercise can build muscle which weighs more than fat.

However my jeans are not tight any more, and that is what I wanted to achieve. The differences in myself, since starting this healthy living regime, are probably more significant than my weight loss. I am feeling so much happier; and in the two weeks I have only had one low day. I have felt happier with my body and have become more confident as a result.

I treated myself this week by buying some new clothes. One of my local charity shops was having a clear out and all the clothes were a pound. I tried on a pair of pink cords, which were too tight, but I brought them anyway, knowing in a couple of weeks they should be a comfortable fit. I also brought a jumper dress, in the sale at Tesco’s, which is quite figure hugging. I wouldn’t have been seen dead in a dress that showed off my figure a few weeks earlier, as my body was a constant source of distress for me. I was more likely to hide behind baggy clothes.

I also have lots more energy. Instead of staying in bed with a coffee in the morning, I have woken up and got up right away. I’ve managed to get more done in a day. Before the idea of fitting in exercise seemed an impossibility, due to feeling so low and having little energy. Another significant change has been my bowel movements (which you may not want to hear about but I feel is an important change). Previously they were often quite loose, which I put down to anxiety, however now they are normal. Overall I just feel so much healthier than I did before.

Calorie wise I have stayed under 1400 calories most days, apart from Wednesday when I went to the Open Mic and had some drinks at the pub, and Saturday when I opened a bottle of wine. Both days I still kept under 1800 calories. This goes to show how much alcohol adds calories to your daily allowance.

I haven’t read any of my stop smoking book, as I’ve been reading a Joanne Harris book instead. As I finished Joanne Harris last night I aim to pick up the stop smoking book this week. However without thinking about it I have cut down on smoking. My tobacco is lasting me longer, and I think as I’m feeling healthier I’m not reaching for the ciggies as much.

So overall it’s been another successful week, and probably more importantly I’m enjoying my new healthy way of life. I just need to keep it going. It takes around 21 days for new activities to become a habit, and 6 months for them to become part of a lifestyle. I need to keep going, so the changes do become part of my lifestyle. Stopping exercising and calorie counting now would probably see me gain everything I’ve lost and more.

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