Thursday, July 12, 2007

As per usual I've had a fairly hectic week.

I thought I’d been keeping up with my blog, but have just realised it’s been a week since my last posting. As per usual I’ve had a fairly hectic week. My ex husband came down to visit for a week, straight from a year out in India and Australia. He came back last Tuesday, when unluckily for him there was a suspect package at Heathrow, and they closed the airport. They weren’t allowed off the plane for four hours after they landed, so I ended up picking him up at the train station at midnight.

It was an ok week, although I didn’t get much writing done. He went back to Gloucestershire on Monday. While he was here, on Saturday I went to a party. It was the type of party that you need to take at least two days out of your life for. I had not gone to other party’s with the same people, over the year at Uni, as I knew I couldn’t afford the time and the lack of focus for often a week afterwards. It was great, there were two dance areas, wicked music, a bar, and I caught up with lovely people I hadn’t seen since the festival and party season pre-course. I danced till six in the morning and it was great to go out when it was dark and still be partying hours after it got light.

Today I had an email from Fabia from the National Lichen Sclerosus (LS) support group and my article about my friend Dunya who has LS has gone up on their website. She’s even put a link to my website, which has made me realise I need to work on my website and post some more recent work on there.

Anyway it’s late and I have a fun filled day shopping with my daughters in Truro tomorrow. Ta Ta for now.

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