Saturday, February 24, 2007

Back in the Writing Zone

After dealing with so much emotion on Thursday, I felt very drained yesterday. However I knew I had to keep up with work for the course. I decided to start on a presentaion, I have to do on Thursday, which is about the potential market for the non fiction book I am aiming to write. I had already done a lot of research in this area, so it was an easier option for me. I spent all day at it, and it got easier as I went along. I finished it around tea time, and have produced a handout with pictures as well as words. Being a technophobe, I was quite chuffed with this.
Then today, I didn’t stay in bed till early afternoon, which I had been doing a lot recently (although to be fair to me I do still have my laptop, even when I don’t venture out of the bedroom). I got up fairly early. I had an email from friends reunited, which I usually ignore, but this time decided to check out who was on it. I had entered my details on friends reunited in about 2001, and had myself down as married, working as a career’s adviser, with all my daughters being of school age. Updating my details was great fun, I could write so much more than I could before. I was even able to produce a cartoon figure of myself, to go on my profile (complete with grey hair). When settling down to writing, like with exercise, I often need to warm up, and having a play around on friends united was my warm up this morning.
I am also doing the feature writing unit, so I started to put words on paper for my article, due in next week. We had all turned up on Tuesday to the feature writing class, knowing we were going on a jolly, but didn’t know where we were going. Martin, who teaches us as well as being a freelance journalist, sent us out into one street in Falmouth town centre. He told us to talk to people, and write an article based on the results for next week. Fellow student, Holly and I set out together, and interviewed local businesses supporting the local community. The idea when we set out was to approach health food establishments, however what struck us were they were Cornish businnesses who are commited to finding locally sourced products or ingredients. So today I sat down and produced the article, which I am not only pleased with, but also finsished at the respectable hour of six o clock.
I felt this exercise was really useful, and since then I have had half an eye open for story opportunities, wherever I go. While out shopping today for example, I bumped into someone I had seen on ‘Under the hammer’, a day time BBC program about buying houses at auction. The reason I remembered him from the programme was because I recognised him, so I continued watching the program instead of writing with the television on in the background. Feeling brave I went up to him, told him about the course, and asked if maybe I could do an article about him, and the property he had brought. It’s a big project he’s taken on, and he told me he’d just come back from working there for a few weeks. He seemed quite interested and we exchanged contact details.
So it looks like I’m back in the writing zone, and intend to stay there.

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