Friday, July 31, 2009

When words fail Music speaks

Whenever someone asks me to pick my favourite songs I find I may pick different tunes, and my list may change from time to time. However there may be a few tunes that seem to have been on your list for many years. These are the few I think about immediately when thinking of my favourite songs:

Dub be good to me Beats International (it was a cover But this is my favourite)

Say a little prayer Aretha Franklin

Back to life Soul to Soul

Shoulda woulda coulda Beverly Knight

Perfect Fairground Attraction

Blue Joni Mitchell

Ain’t nobody Chaka Khan

Rome wasn’t built in a day Moorcheeba

One love Bob Marley

Univited Alanis Morrisette

Silver screen shower scene Felix Da Housecat

Start wearing purple Gogol Bordello (What can I say I love purple)

Littlest birds Be good Tanya’s

The list could go on and on and on. If anyone reads this, comment with some of your favourite songs.

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