Friday, July 03, 2009

Still smiling :-)

Again I have been neglecting blogger, so I am going to sum the last month up very briefly. Its been a month of much fun rest and relaxation, albeit intermingled between lots of Stress. I am pleased and a little amazed, I have managed to stay smiling. Lets get the crap out of the way first and then focus on the positive.

I've had car nightmares. My car has been off the road for over two months: we try this, its not that, oh it might be this, and so it goes on! Having a friend help me sort my car situation has not paid off. Instead I have spent £600 on a stop gap dustbin on wheels that can't be driven any distance until some more work is done on it.

Both laptops are at the fixers, and I am not sure whether they are fixable at all, they are both over three years old. I won't even go in to the official post/paperwork/money stuff that's landed through my door Arghhhhhhhh

What has kept me smiling is:

The sun shining (hasn't the weather been amazing), getting out into the countryside, spending time with beautiful people, Calstock Green festival, Dancing, new friends, old friends, music, Mazey Day at Penzance, feeling blessed to have beautiful people in my life, and maybe the wisdom to ensure I do surround myself with positivity.

Feeling positive enough to apply for a full on proper job, and being able to get a hand written application together, which should be worthy of consideration, with no laptop, and no access to my CV.

I have lots of fun stuff to look forward to, and after a bit of escapism in the summer, I think I may have a bit a future (career wise) to look forward to.

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