Thursday, May 21, 2009

Searching for the positives

As I have discussed in my posting on positive affirmations, by telling yourself something enough you may be able to re-programme negative ways of thinking. How I have dealt with the shock of finding my assailant on a social networking site I am on, on Monday, is an example of how I have done this. One of the things I tell myself is that there us something to learn from every experience and every person that comes into our lives. I could and almost did end up spiralling down into a pit of despair, no energy, couldn’t focus etc etc. However on Tuesday morning, while cleaning, I listened to some positive affirmations. This then gave me enough of a boost to think ‘Well what is there to be learnt from this situation and what can I do to turn it into a positive?’ (More on how I turned it to a positive in a bit)

While still finding myself being overwhelmed by emotions, my thought process turned to recognising and challenging the reasons for being overtaken by tears. The past few days are also an example of how Carolyn Myss theories, have been, and are so much of a help. On Monday, I wanted to reach out to my friends for reassurance that I was OK, instead of being confident in myself that I am OK. In my despair on Monday I had phoned a women’s support centre, and I got a phone call back on the Tuesday afternoon. I had done a lot of thinking by then, although realising I had put the incident on the back burner, without negating the effect it had on me on Monday I realised that it is unlikely to do any good to delve and revisit what had happened. Another affirmation I tell myself is that the past has no power over me now; I can learn from it and move on. This is basically what I decided to do. We had left it that she will ring me next week and set up some sessions if I felt I needed it, but I don’t think I will need them. Carolyn Myss theories have helped me deal with this on my own, listen and respect my own voice, and enabled me to bounce back quicker from any knock backs.

So what is there to be learnt from this situation? I have learnt I can find the answers I need to move forward from the challenges that Monday presented within myself. One of the biggest worries was that he would see status, photos, comments I may make, etc, through my friends profiles. So I have learnt I can block someone on this site and not only do they not see me I don’t see them either. Perfect!! What can I do to turn it into a positive? After talking to the support worker at the women’s centre and searching the net there doesn’t seem to be any specific information on how to deal with this situation, so I am now researching and writing an article which may be of use to other people who may find themselves in a similar situation, and don’t want to stop networking online.

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