Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fun out and about day and night

A while ago on Facebook I had noticed there was a Vintage Flea Market happening in Falmouth, and as a few friends were going that I went to Uni with, I was thinking it might be worth a visit. Then my friend Lise who lives near me, in Bodmin, also put it in her diary on Facebook, so a plan was coming together. We could travel down together, share petrol, and spending time with a friend always makes days out extra special. My daughter Megs was also wanting to be dropped at Bodmin train station to go to Plymouth with friends, so it all worked out really well as I could drop her and then go on to pick Lise up.

The only downside to the day was that Friday night I had checked my bank balance and discovered I probably didn’t even have enough money in there to cover my direct debits going out on Monday, so I couldn’t spend any money. I had quite an emotionally low Friday evening, but Saturday woke up thinking ‘Am I going to let superficial money worries put out my sparkle?’ and firmly answered NO! I realised I was sabotaging myself, by letting these worries affect my mood, and my sparkle returned. I’ve still got the money problems but what’s the point of getting depressed about them, I am less likely to be able to do anything about them then, and besides nothing can be done about it till Monday anyway.

So I got to Lise’s a little early, but time to have a leisurely cuppa and catch up before setting off. With petrol cheaper in Bodmin (by about 5p a litre) I put a bit of petrol in and off we drove. The journey was smooth, and we didn’t even really get caught up in any traffic jams at Truro. When we got to Falmouth I turned towards town, asked someone where the WI hall was and found we were on the right road to take us to the nearest car park, which we found right away. We didn’t have change but someone at the car park had 5 pound coins in exchange for a note, and then we walked down and found the hall right away. Everything just seemed to be going just right.

We went into the market and the first stall was a stall my friend Frea was running, and she seemed to be doing quite a good business. I looked at a gorgeous Monsoon dress on her stall, but reminded myself I was just there for a jolly and couldn’t spend any money. Lise on the other hand was there to buy and in the first 5 minutes had grabbed a skirt and a gorgeous purple furry jacket. It was jam packed and looking around I saw some more friends; Emily, Christina and Joe, all of whom I hadn’t seen for over a year. As it was so crowded it we didn’t really have much of a chat but it was really lovely to see them all.

I then saw an outfit I quite liked and as it was an absolute bargain so I tried it on. It did look amazing but I don’t think I would have worn it, however it started me off on a trying clothes on frenzy, and I must have tried on about 5 outfits when I returned to the Monsoon dress on Frea’s stall. I tried it on and it fitted perfectly, looked amazing, was just my colour, what more can I say Frea did me a good deal. I was going out for the night so what could be better than having a new dress to wear out.

After the Flea market, we found a lovely Health food shop, which sold yummy wheat free veggy pasties and then walked up the hill and along overlooking the town and the sea back to the car park. I stayed for a cuppa while Lise transferred photos, of me she had taken, from her phone onto her laptop and uploaded them onto facebook. I’ve also put it on my ‘my space’ so click on the link on the right, and see the outfit I didn’t buy and the dress I did.

I had a lovely day out and about with great company and I didn’t get back till about 4.30. I tried to have a bit of a rest before heading out again, but was too excited, I must stop eating all those butterflies, they keep fluttering away in my tummy. I was going to see Glass Shark who I have travelled to see in the past, but Saturday night they were playing at the Oyster Catcher at Polzeath which is a local pub I go to quite a bit. As I had discovered my bank balance was so low I had cancelled a taxi back and decided to drive, so I would save the money and not spend so much just buying soft drinks.

I have to tell you, I am up for being a driver again as it was one of the most fun nights I’ve had. I went along with my daughter Tamsin, Bisto (her boyfriend) and her friend Vicki. It took a while for the band to start and I was flagging a bit especially as I wasn’t drinking, but I had a red bull and a coffee and soon perked up. When the band started I really wanted to dance but there was a bloke dancing on his own who was doing things like gyrating against a pillar, and he looked like he would make a bee line for any female who got up on the dance floor, so I waited till there were a few more people and then I got up. I had a great dance and after they’d finished playing, they also DJ, and they played some great old disco tunes that I carried on dancing away to.

While I was sober you could see that people were getting drunk around me, Tamisn Vicki and Bisto certainly were, but at the Oyster Catcher the drunkenness wasn’t in your face. Although I could have stayed, and really was not bothered about having a drink at all, it was suggested we could get back to Wadebridge, park the car and I could have a drink. Drunkeness was totally in your face in Wadebridge. I parked the car and had a glass of wine, and around me people were wobbling around, singing loudly together, taking their trousers down!!!, and trying to pick fights. Not everyone was like that but it was very amusing. It reinforced the reasons why I’m really not that bothered about going out in Wadebridge. It was a great night, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and getting in just after one in the morning proves you don’t need a drink to keep you going either.

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