Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Up to my eye-balls in it

It doesn’t seem like I’ve had a moment to relax the past couple of weeks, I’ve been up to my eye-balls in it. I’ve had so much writing to do; I’ve still got writing to do about the Port Elliot festival, and have had an article for Vitality Matters to write (which I finished today), as well as keeping up with my weekly magazine blog. I’m getting lots out there, and now I just need to get paid. Another few weeks and I’m on the case.

On top of that I’ve been quite a social butterfly. I went to Falmouth for a night the other week and caught up with many of my lovely friends from Uni. It was great to catch up and I don’t know why I hadn’t made it down before. Ian’s mum, Josie, came down on holiday and I took her out for a day around the North Cornwall coast. I really like Josie and we had a lovely day. I’ve also been to the beach with Megs and her friends, not that I did much but lie down and catch the rays.

I’ve been so busy, on Saturday morning I woke up with a sense of dread when I realised Beautiful days is on this weekend. It all seemed very overwhelming. Megs is off to a week camp with her Youth club on the Saturday, and I’m off on Friday, which needs a lot of organising. I’ve had to make sure someone is here for her on Friday and someone can pick her up to take her down on Saturday morning. I also need to pack for two separate trips. I haven’t done any packing yet, and I’m dedicating the day to sorting everything out tomorrow.

On top of everything, on Sunday, I was offered a ticket to do face painting at Beautiful days. A couple of years ago I would have grabbed at the chance, as I had face painted at fetes and parties and the chance to get into face painting at festivals would have been my dream. I could have sold my ticket and been quids in, but as I’ve been so snowed under, and really needed a break I turned it down.

I feeling more on top of it, now I’ve finished the article for Vitality, and it all seems more achievable. I am actually getting quite excited. There are some brilliant bands I want to catch, including K.T.Tunstall, Afro Celt Sound System, Mr Hudson and the Library, and Gogol Bordello. And they have a shit hot dance tent with music till the early hours. Party on! I just hope it doesn’t rain too much; some sunny days would be nice.

No doubt my next posting will provide all the details of how the weekend went.

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