Sunday, June 01, 2008

I'm back

I’m back again! I haven’t been keeping up with my blog, as my Dad was admitted to hospital where unfortunately he died. It all still seems unreal, but I’m finally getting my focus back, after all we are the living and need to make the most of life. My Dad only had one functioning lung most of his life due to curvature of the spine, and it was pneumonia along with kidney and heart failure that got him in the end. Due to this I am now more determined than ever to give up smoking for my Dad, as well as for me.

I have brought a Paul Mckenna book with a hypnosis CD which I have to listen to every day. My brother’s girlfriend, Bridget, used the same book and CD and hasn’t smoked since the 1st of May, so I hope it will help me too. I’ve set the date for 3 weeks after the funeral which is the Wednesday after next.

With everything that’s been going on, I’ve not been watching what I eat or taking exercise until this week. So I was really surprised when I weighed myself yesterday and found I had lost 5lbs since last the last time I’d weighed I am now 9st 6lbs. I was really expecting to have put on weight. As I am now underweight my first thought was I could treat myself to a fried breakfast. However if I am successful with not smoking again I will probably put on these few pounds. I don’t want to get too thin.

I started doing exercise DVD’s again and have also got back to swimming with my friend Rach. Yesterday we swam a quarter of a mile (48lengths) in 50 minutes. Starting off swimming after a bit of a break it seemed like hard work, but as I carried on it got easier and easier.

Anyway it’s only a quick update as I’m off to enjoy a Roast dinner at friends. I will keep you posted with how the no smoking goes.


beyceyar said...

sorry to hear about your Dad.
Hope you're enjoying the swimming. I've got the swimming bug recently, I go twice a week.

simon said...

Hey Jaq,
Good luck with the no smoking - Bridgets cracked it, heading to her 2nd clear month.
Big Love